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The majority of people have seen service dogs at some point in their life. Maybe you have been walking through the grocery store or the local mall and saw someone walking with a service dog. These animals help their owners throughout the day. They may be trained to go get help if their owner has a medical emergency. They can help to provide balance for their owners and much more. You might be wondering if your elderly loved one needs an assistance dog. There are some benefits an assistance dog might be able to provide to your loved one.


An assistance dog might be able to provide your elderly loved one with increased socialization. As your loved one gets older, their friends and possibly even some other family members may pass away. This can cause them to become lonely, sad, or even depressed. An assistance dog will provide them with unconditional love, socialization, and support. This might be something that you want to consider when you are thinking about how to take the best care of your elderly loved one.

Performing Tasks

Does your elderly loved one need someone to help them perform certain tasks? Yes, they might have you, other family members, or even a home care provider to help. However, an assistance dog could help them with some of the things that they need, as well. Many assistance dogs have been known to help retrieve clothing or other items for their owner, fetch a water bottle, or alert their owner of a fire in the home. Assistance animals can be trained to perform a host of different tasks.

Added Support

If you get your elderly loved one an assistance dog, the dog could give them added support. For instance, your loved one needs to get up and move around multiple times a day to stay healthy. If they own an assistance dog, they will need to walk their dog and get up and feed the dog, as well. In this instance, the dog would support your loved one in living an active lifestyle. If your elderly loved one needs support because they are scared of being home alone, having an assistance dog around could make them feel much safer.

These are just some of the many benefits there could be for your elderly loved one if they had an assistance dog. Assistance dogs have been used in many households and in public to help elderly adults feel safer, be safer, and have the support they need, as well. If you are considering the best ways to care for your elderly loved one, an assistance dog might be just what your loved one needs.


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